Visiting the Tent of Nations will give you the opportunity to be exposed to varying cultures and people by daily interaction in a space that allows for open discussion and contact.  The relationships that result help to build bridges of understanding and communication, along with providing a route to learning peaceful co-existence with cultures differing from your own.

Tent of Nations Programs include the following:

The Reconciliation Program brings youth of various cultures together for face-to-face interaction in a camp setting.  This program is offered for both international groups and local groups

-Exchange Programs (Locally and Internationally)

-Training Courses Locally and Internationally

-Vocational and Practical training with European Partners (Graduates….

-International and local Conferences

-Local activities and regular meetings

The Workcamp Program allows groups and individuals to help improve and maintain the facilities on the land.  In addition to working on the land, volunteers can take daytrips to neighboring areas.  Campsites are available for use.

-Renovation Projects (Houses, Caves, infrastructure…..

-International and local Camping Projects

-International and local Conferences, workshops, prayer services or worship sessions

-Tree Planting Campaign

-Voluntary Work and volunteers projects

The Vocational Training Program trains local youth in skills that will allow them to provide for themselves.

The Agriculture Program teaches visiting groups about sustainable agriculture in an arid climate and about historic wine-pressing. Future plans include harvesting solar energy and recycling of wastewater.  Join us in planting trees, building terraces, or plowing fields.  Buy a Biblical tree and have it planted in the name of your choice.

Bent Al-Reef Educational Center for Women this project was developed mainly   to empower the women and increase their access to and control over technology through free computer and English classes, and other workshops and activities.

Design A Program we are happy to help you design a unique program on the land to match your group’s vision.  In the past, we have helped solidarity groups to organize tree-plantings, church groups to design worship experiences, youth groups to plan campouts, activist groups to hold lectures, and tourists to arrange hikes.

The Daily activities and programs that are arranged, each designed to teach various life lessons including: peaceful ways to relieve frustration and feelings; working together for meaningful outcomes; and the importance of faith, family, and friendship along with peace, love, and community.  Cultural experiences are formulated by our international and local volunteers from the ideas of teamwork, helping others, and group unity.  They teach the importance of relying on one another to demonstrate that tasks get done properly and more efficiently through joined effort.

The Tent of Nations is an experience crucial to the children and youth of this local community.  Our desire is to prepare young people for a positive contribution to their future by bringing values of understanding and tolerance into their life experience.  This program helps to demonstrate to its participants that through an appreciation of the land, crucial resources can be found, and through acceptance of other cultures, lasting, positive relationships can be built.


A Land is worth nothing without people
And people are worth nothing without a Land


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