Our Story

Daher Nassar (Bishara’s father) purchased this land in 1916. Since that time, many family members have worked the land by day, and slept in caves by night. The land has produced olives, grapes, and wheat…etc.

In 1991, the Israeli government declared the whole area including the Nassars portion to be an Israeli state property.

The Nassar family has all the original land papers and contributed plenty of work to the land from the time of Ottoman, British, Jordanian, and Israeli governance, which shows that the Israeli government has no right to declare it because obviously the land belongs to the family since 1916 the date of purchase.

The Nassar family challenged Israel’s declaration and therefore the case was brought to the court.

In 2001, though the land case was still unresolved, the local council of Israeli settlements decided to open a road through the east side of the Nassar land.

Nevertheless, in 2002 once again the council took a decision to open a road all the way through the Nassar land, this time through the west side. Though the Nassars were able to stop both road projects through the Israeli court intervention.

In 2005 the case of the land ownership is still under debate in the high court, and the court kept postponing the case. And for more than 19 years now we are still struggling to win the case of the land.


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